Definition of tristesse in English:



mass nounliterary
  • A state of melancholy sadness.

    ‘lamenting a lost love, he leaves us poised at the lip of a chasm of tristesse’
    ‘post-coital tristesse’
    • ‘This special tone, a kind of enlightened tristesse, is the sign of a person who senses the existence of wisdom and ultimate good but is too humble to assert it.’
    • ‘They knew that satiation wasn't succeeded by tristesse, it was itself, immediately, tristesse.’
    • ‘And they specialize in a sort of ceremonial tristesse that colors their writing with wan accents of pain, grief, mourning and death.’
    • ‘The two women know the moment has a certain tristesse.’
    • ‘But here more than anywhere I remember lost times, lost chances, lost friends, with the sweet tristesse that is onomatopoeic to the place.’