Definition of Trisagion in English:



  • A hymn, especially in the Orthodox Church, with a triple invocation of God as holy.

    • ‘There have been numerous attempts to translate the Trisagion, not all of which are either theologically or linguistically accurate.’
    • ‘During the Trisagion the Reader should come and receive the blessing of the celebrant to read the Apostle.’
    • ‘While reading the Trisagion, the clergy reverentially bow three times to the Holy Table, then the deacon addresses the priest with the words: Command, Master.’
    • ‘Now we first hear of the Trisagion in the 5th century, when it was apparently used as a processional antiphon during stational services in Constantinople.’
    • ‘The Trisagion should not be confused with the Sanctus (‘Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of power and might.’)’


Late Middle English: from Greek, neuter of trisagios, from tris ‘three times’ + hagios ‘holy’.