Definition of triquetra in English:


nounPlural triquetrae

  • A symmetrical triangular ornament of three interlaced arcs used on metalwork and stone crosses.

    • ‘It was a silver necklace with the pendant of the triquetra.’
    • ‘Although admirers of Celtic art have often noted that the triquetra (Latin tri quetrus for three-cornered) is an endless and eternal knot, somewhat akin to the great circle of life or the path that comes back to its own beginning, there is actually very little that is known about the origin or meaning of the symbol.’
    • ‘Triquetrae are known to represent all of the various triplicities, for example: the trinity, the triplicity of the Goddess, the triplicities of mind-body-soul.’


Late 16th century (originally denoting a triangle): from Latin, feminine of triquetrus ‘three-cornered’.