Definition of trippy in English:



  • Resembling or inducing the hallucinatory effect produced by taking a psychedelic drug.

    ‘trippy house music’
    • ‘With three albums under their belt, Archive attempt to find a happy medium between their Pink Floyd psychedelic rock and their trippy, electro-pop of earlier records.’
    • ‘Tequila is a good warmer-upper, but be aware of its trippy side effects.’
    • ‘It does, however, take more than trippy keyboards to get indie approval, especially when most indie kids would never admit to ever having had any affinity for Van Halen or Rush.’
    • ‘Squire may experiment with Hendrix and Marr but his heart favours trippy, psychedelic guitars.’
    • ‘Timbo uses the trippy, looped children's chorus expertly, as a texture rather than overt melody, and sews it tightly over heavily syncopated drum stuttering and bhangra-style guitar.’
    • ‘Her brand of whispering-pines folk is not quite as easy to nail and has very often been tagged with the scarlet ‘psychedelic’ letter, a tag often thrown on anything even remotely trippy or, more often, difficult to write about.’
    • ‘My feeling is, the presentation won't be any less trippy and interesting.’
    • ‘I myself recreationally use trippy drugs like LSD, and even mushrooms should anyone have some handy.’
    • ‘The digital backgrounds are new to Sherman's work, and the more trippy and hallucinogenic they are, the more they draw attention away from the characterizations.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Berge and Brundtland overuse their one idea: layering trippy atmospheric effects over standard dance beats.’
    • ‘This is pop with a trippy, spaced-out spin to it.’
    • ‘It's a zany, trippy excursion into the subconscious, highlighting the importance of love, strength and past passage, while casting a bleak shadow over abrupt decisions concerning matters that matter most.’
    • ‘Colors are limited to gritty, earth tones, as would be expected in a western (excepting a real trippy sequence following Jones's drugging).’
    • ‘Instead of flashy colours and trippy effects, we get splashes of water with shimmering droplets and creatures as lithe as Russian gymnasts.’
    • ‘The rockstar acknowledges Alice in Wonderland as an influence, due to its trippy nature and hallucinogenic state.’
    • ‘With their lo-fi, clunky graphics, these early programs featured a strange mix of crudity and perfection: trippy, hallucinogenic animations that moved around the screen with perfect physics.’
    • ‘‘The Hired Hand’ has a very European, but also druggy, trippy feel at times.’
    • ‘Tapping into the exhilarating '60s scene, the band put on fantastic live performances, complete with trippy light shows that encouraged stoners and acid-heads to lose themselves in the music.’
    • ‘Likewise, the band's trippy neo-psychedelic arrangements and raging, minimalist rock were not earth shattering revelations, at least not for this seasoned Toronto audience.’
    • ‘Which leads them to project trippy light images and sound onto water vapour creating hallucinatory visions.’