Definition of tripple in English:



South African
  • A horse's gait in which both left and then both right legs move together.

    • ‘As a child I remember us distinguishing between pace and tripple, with tripple being the superior gait, but a pacer was also acceptable.’
    • ‘The tripple is a four-beat gait much like the tolt seen in the Icelandic horse.’


[no object]South African
  • (of a horse) move at the pace of a tripple.

    • ‘The Basuto rides like a horse, with a long stride, and is noted for its inherent trippling gait.’
    • ‘The Boer never rides his horse at the trot, but at a quick walk or canter, and a step peculiar to the country and called ‘trippling’, or, as we should style it, ambling.’
    • ‘They [Boers]..getting into their saddles, slowly trippled away.’


Late 19th century: from Dutch trippelen, from trippen ‘to skip, trip’.