Definition of triplicate in English:



Pronunciation /ˈtrɪplɪkət/
  • [attributive] Existing in three copies or examples:

    ‘triplicate measurements’
    • ‘Values for each point are the averages of at least triplicate wells.’
    • ‘The data represent mean values of triplicate measurements and are color coded, with red representing relative increased activity and green representing relative decreased activity compared to the parental control strain.’
    • ‘The mixtures were incubated for another 2 hours, followed by adding different concentrations of hot water extracts to the triplicate culture wells.’
    • ‘Our platform described herein, for example, can perform triplicate measurements on up to 200 samples in a single run.’
    • ‘Data points are averages of triplicate measurements.’
    • ‘The means and standard deviations of triplicate samples are shown.’
    • ‘When he started in the late 1970s, he recorded deliveries on paper with triplicate carbons.’
    • ‘Values are means of triplicate measures and error bars represent the standard deviations.’
    • ‘The triplicate theme extends from colour-coded cups to piggy banks and tricycles, though the girls are rarely dressed in identical outfits and their individual tastes are always encouraged.’
    • ‘There are four data sets per amprenavir concentration, which were fitted simultaneously, shown by symbols with standard deviations from triplicate runs, from top to bottom over 6 h.’
    • ‘Their ß-galactosidase activities were measured as described before and are shown as means of triplicate values with standard deviations.’
    • ‘The standard curve was prepared by triplicate evaluations of the protein concentrations.’
    • ‘Each group was tested on three mice with triplicate counts of each dilution.’
    • ‘For each test animal, triplicate measurements of ear thickness were averaged and this average ear thickness of the vehicle-challenged ear was subtracted from the average thickness of the treated ear (edema ear difference).’
    • ‘The diamonds represent the mean of triplicate PE assays performed on the same template mixture and the bars represent the SEM.’
    • ‘Each ratio is determined by triplicate measurements.’
    • ‘For each strain, triplicate counts were obtained from the same culture and averaged.’
    • ‘Three separate time course experiments with triplicate gels were performed.’
    • ‘Average values were calculated from triplicate experiments.’
    • ‘Data are the average of triplicate assays for separate plants.’


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪplɪkət/
  • A thing which is part of a set of three copies or corresponding parts:

    ‘the triplicate of a letter to the Governor’
    • ‘So in 1998 he filled out the requisite triplicates, signed on the mandatory dotted lines and did whatever else he thought necessary to bring in a foreign domestic to tend to her.’


Pronunciation /ˈtrɪplɪkeɪt/
  • Make three copies of; multiply by three:

    ‘titles which have been sparingly ordered can be later duplicated or triplicated’
    • ‘However, coexistence of triplicated alpha-gene with beta-thalassaemia trait increases the severity of this conditions.’
    • ‘Third, many agronomically important genes or their alleles are chromosome specific and are not triplicated.’
    • ‘Do we really want all our favorite things thousands of miles away or do we duplicate or triplicate everything?’
    • ‘These plants have similar growth characteristics to wild-type plants, but ultrastructural analysis revealed extended, duplicated, or triplicated, undividing chloroplasts.’
    • ‘In hexaploid wheat, chromosome and arm homoeologies within sets of triplicated chromosomes are highly conserved with the exception of a translocation involving chromosomes 4A, 5A, and 7B, which is fixed in polyploid wheat.’
    • ‘Values represent means obtained from triplicated experimental runs, with all SE values < 3% of total.’
    • ‘As you may have gathered, there were no sets or glamorous costumes; what scenery there was, was brought on and off by members of the very talented and hardworking cast of 35, who also duplicated and triplicated the characters.’
    • ‘Aircraft systems are highly complex, triplicated (at least) and have to be checked by specialist engineers at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘In the class III clones, a locus on the left arm had been triplicated and a substantial part of the right arm up to the terminal locus was missing.’
    • ‘As long as a company allows employees to duplicate and triplicate company files on devices that leave the office, it cannot ensure that its information won't ever get out.’
    • ‘The remaining 54% were triplicated loci found on all three chromosomes.’
    • ‘In fact, duplications are so prevalent that they have had time to become duplicated themselves, giving rise to triplicated loci!’
    • ‘In the vWF gene, the B and C domains triplicated and duplicated, respectively, while the MUC6 gene lost several exons coding for the D4, B, and C domains.’
    • ‘Open columns indicate possible triplicated or duplicated regions (Arabidopsis).’
    • ‘Together with other Brassica species, it likely descends from a hexaploid ancestor followed by extensive rearrangements, making its genome essentially a triplicated A. thaliana genome.’
    • ‘The variation inherent in this pooled wild-type sample was itself accounted for by triplicated arrays comparing the pooled sample to individual wild-type plants.’


Late Middle English: from Latin triplicat- made three, from the verb triplicare, from triplex, triplic- threefold (see triplex). The verb dates from the early 17th century.