Definition of triplex in English:



  • 1British trademark mass noun Toughened or laminated safety glass, used especially for car windows.

    • ‘The logo is different than the old 50s'-60's Triplex logo some remember, generally described as a heart with three X's inside arranged in a triangle.’
    • ‘Main Biaglass production is opal triplex glass, which provides extraordinarily soft and true light.’
  • 2North American A building divided into three self-contained residences.

    • ‘The certificate is currently only required for triplexes and apartments.’
    • ‘Duplexes must cost no more than $135,000, triplexes less than $185,000, fourplexes under $190,000 and a fiveplex must come in under $205,000.’
    • ‘They looked on in disbelief at the once-majestic greystone triplex across from Fletcher's Field: the triplex on one of the city's most fashionable streets had fallen inexplicably into an advanced state of disrepair.’
    • ‘The local health department issues permits for systems serving single-family homes, duplexes, or triplexes.’
    • ‘Restrictions on triplex construction will remain in place until city staff completes a final analysis on the effect of density change in the area.’
    • ‘Systems serving a single family dwelling, duplex, or triplex, require an installation permit from the local health department.’
    • ‘Next year, the UEC will establish a sample green roof atop a triplex to encourage surrounding homeowners to follow suit.’
    • ‘He said he wants to see a moratorium on housing demolition and the construction of triplexes until the impact of the increased density allowances are better understood by council and area residents.’
    • ‘In bigger buildings, tax increases are divided between many tenants, but just imagine the impact of a big tax increase on tenants in a duplex or triplex.’
    • ‘The pony-tailed property owner had previously bought and sold properties without incident and had successfully bid on two triplexes in the Pointe.’
    • ‘Vancouver and Montreal each have a style to call their own (c.f. condos, slapdash; and triplexes, ornately balconied).’
    • ‘Last week's three-hour public meeting about a proposed moratorium on the demolition of homes and construction of triplexes in North Vancouver City's Ottawa Gardens neighbourhood drew a crowd of some 60 area residents.’
    • ‘He helped us convert the home into a triplex that we could rent out.’
    1. 2.1 A flat on three floors.
      • ‘I'm sure lots of lesbians have no problem having cars, cash, triplexes or being part of this system, but why is it that so many of us do?’
      • ‘Investment properties such as duplexes, triplexes, and quadplexes are available as well.’
      • ‘This certificate is currently only required for triplexes and apartments.’
      • ‘We were looking for a duplex or a triplex, but triplexes are really hard to come across.’
      • ‘Triplexes can be designed to be livable and, compared to single-family homes, they are an affordable way to get into this community, he said.’
      • ‘which include single family dwellings, duplexes, triplexes, and apartment blocks.’
      • ‘The certificate is currently only required for triplexes and apartments.’
      • ‘Apparently, Moby sprung for one of the penthouse triplexes in the building, which the 7 Essex website says carry an asking price of $2,395,000.’
      • ‘These studies have used the fluorescence melting technique, which we developed previously for studying the stability of triplexes and quadruplexes.’
      • ‘The local health department issues permits for systems serving single-family homes, duplexes, or triplexes.’
      • ‘News that the city may be hiking property taxes on undivided properties - duplexes and triplexes - is guaranteed to anger low-income housing advocates across the city.’
      • ‘Physical analysis of TNR-containing DNA strands showed that they readily adopt unusual secondary structures, such as hairpins, triplexes, quadruplexes, and slipped-strand conformations (summarized in SINDEN 1999).’
      • ‘The assay can detect specific hybridization between single-stranded probes and non-denatured double-stranded targets to form triplexes, thus obviating the need to denature the targets.’
      • ‘Lands and Fair Trading Minister Doug Shave said the changes would streamline and clarify legal provisions relating to ownership and insurance of properties such as duplexes, triplexes, villas and townhouses.’
      • ‘Duplexes must cost no more than $135,000, triplexes less than $185,000, fourplexes under $190,000 and a fiveplex must come in under $205,000.’
      • ‘By forming the noncanonical DNA structure (hairpins, triplexes, and quadruplexes) and taking part in the non - Watson-Crick interactions, simple sequences may play a role in maintaining the chromatin organization.’
      • ‘The pony-tailed property owner had previously bought and sold properties without incident and had successfully bid on two triplexes in the Pointe.’
  • 3Biochemistry
    A triple-stranded polynucleotide molecule.

    • ‘This involves formation of a hybrid triplex by two PNA strands and a homopurine strand of dsDNA whereas the other DNA strand is displaced from the double helix.’
    • ‘Later it was found that homopurine strands can also specifically form a DNA triplex in which the AT base pair is contacted by an A and the GC base pair by a G.’
    • ‘The inverted repeat sequences of the guanine-rich 5'-half are expected to have a higher potential of forming the hairpin triplex.’
    • ‘Two triplex amplification systems were designed for the tetranucleotides.’
    • ‘If this were the case, the first and third of these mechanisms must involve a stable triplex substate.’
    trio, triplet, triplets, triumvirate, triad, trinity, troika, triunity, triangle
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  • 1Having three parts.

    ‘his vast triplex apartment’
    • ‘The triplex and biplex PCRs were combined before electrophoresis and loaded onto a single gel lane to form a pentaplex system.’
    • ‘Whether maintaining greens, tees, approaches or fairways, the triplex mower has the ability to deliver results that meet golf course superintendents' high expectations.’
    • ‘But what if your spanking-new ball slices into an adjacent fairway and gets chopped and spit out by a triplex mower?’
    • ‘Now, on April 1, we are launching three new triplex unedited channels.’
    • ‘For example, we have duplicate platforms in the triplex mowers but we have to target that while retaining functionality for all the markets.’
    • ‘It took him two hours to cut the pattern into the turf using a fairway mower for the stripes and a triplex tee mower for the stars.’
    • ‘The flight control system is a triplex digital fly-by-wire system.’
    • ‘The concept of this fairway mower falls between the triplex and fiveplex.’
    • ‘‘We have to have great conditions, but with 45 holes, including a 9-hole executive course, I need more efficiency than I would get with triplex mowers,’ he says.’
    • ‘But specific features such as bedknife-to-reel knobs on the walk-behinds and an offset cutting-unit design on the triplex mowers can ensure you get the best cut possible.’
    • ‘Designed to be lightweight and maneuverable, the versatile triplex mower also is the choice of many superintendents for tees, approaches and fairways.’
    • ‘In 1979, a New Jersey superintendent started the trend of using a triplex to mow fairways.’
    • ‘Colin points out that if several cylinders are used in the pump, the pulsation frequency is a small multiple of the individual piston frequency, usually 2 for duplex and 6 for triplex pumps.’
    • ‘The five centimetres of the lacquered triplex door were the only degrees separating the two from each other now.’
    • ‘These cables are either duplex, triplex, or quadruplex, consisting of one, two or three insulated conductors wrapped around a bare aluminum or acsr neutral.’
    1. 1.1Biochemistry Consisting of three polynucleotide strands linked side by side.
      • ‘Our data confirm that the polypurine TFO binds in an antiparallel orientation with respect to the polypurine DNA strand and that triplex formation requires Mg 2 + ions whereas it is inhibited by K + ions.’
      • ‘In the triplex, the Hoogsteen basepaired dT strand blocks the major groove of the duplex.’
      • ‘In a striking contrast to all simulations involving four d strands, the triplex assembly is not stable in the simulation.’
      • ‘A further possible pathway of guanine quadruplex formation has also been proposed that is essentially a triplex dissociation process.’
      • ‘In the case of herpesvirus, it would seem likely that the triplex proteins, which are located between the pentons and hexons and are also released with herpesvirus pentons, perform this stabilization function.’


be triplexed
  • (of electrical equipment or systems) be provided or fitted in triplicate so as to ensure reliability.

    • ‘A process controller having an operating function is provided to each of the triplexed process input/output units.’
    • ‘Although it was triplexed in 1982, the interior was mostly preserved.’
    • ‘Diplexed and triplexed types have a single cable input which is selectively split to the outlet sockets.’
    • ‘We have a 138-25 kV delta-Yg power transformer feeding 25 kV switchgear via 3 circuits of 25 kV - 750 kcmil triplexed cable with concentric neutrals on each phase.’
    • ‘A single coaxial feed runs from the riser switch to the lounge triplexed plate with an extension to the Master Bedroom.’


Early 17th century (as an adjective in the sense ‘threefold’): from Latin, ‘threefold’, from tri- ‘three’ + plicare ‘to fold’. Current specific senses date from the 1920s.