Definition of triple in English:



  • 1attributive Consisting of or involving three items or people.

    ‘a triple murder’
    ‘triple somersaults’
    • ‘Three men and three women will play triple aspects of the man and woman.’
    • ‘And there's no guarantee that if you get HIV and you take these triple therapies, or whatever comes along next, that they're going to be successful for you.’
    • ‘Other attractions include a team of unicyclists called the One Wheel Wizards, and the White Devils flying trapeze troupe who perform an extremely difficult triple somersault.’
    • ‘He gave single-shot measles, mumps and rubella vaccines instead of the triple MMR jab after it was controversially linked to autism, although the vast majority of experts in the field reject the claim.’
    • ‘That means not only hazardous vaults and triple somersaults.’
    • ‘He did a triple somersault at Derby and I think he's done about seven somersaults, so he's doubled his ratio.’
    • ‘Still trying to see life through gold-coloured spectacles, we were not willing to put the terrible double and triple murders back into the headlines.’
    • ‘Today a jury found him guilty of triple murder.’
    • ‘While training he used to do the triple somersault on the floor.’
    • ‘He maintains that the triple murders had ‘a wider social significance’.’
    • ‘The Government has now pledged £2.5 million for research to identify the causes of autism, but stresses that the studies would look beyond the alleged link with the triple MMR vaccine.’
    • ‘Her first big break in journalism occurred when a triple murderer wrote to her from jail saying he liked her work.’
    • ‘Ted's stomach did a triple somersault with that one.’
    • ‘They were later re - arrested and charged with the triple murders.’
    • ‘The antiretrovirals in question are a triple combination pill containing lamivudine, stavudine and nevirapine in two different strengths and a tablet of lamivudine plus zidovudine.’
    • ‘They now face life imprisonment without parole in a U.S. jail for the vicious triple murder that took place in a Seattle suburb.’
    • ‘It is the creative equivalent of the gymnast's triple somersault.’
    • ‘He served 20 years after being framed by police for a triple murder in New Jersey.’
    • ‘While the censor board has okayed a triple X rated film like ‘Murder’, it has refused to clear our film.’
    • ‘Lee is one of only two women who try a triple flip with three full twists.’
    three-way, tripartite
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    1. 1.1 Having three times the usual size, quality, or strength.
      ‘a triple dark rum’
      • ‘With this state of mind come all the positive emotions with double and sometimes triple strength.’
      • ‘They now were triple in size since Grace moved away.’
      • ‘As soon as she was in the cafeteria, she bought a triple sized hamburger and a cup of coffee.’
      • ‘Plans call for a space nearly triple that of the current 31,000-square-foot building.’
      • ‘And speaking of the bathroom, I buy the econo-pak of triple size toilet paper rolls and they're gone in two weeks.’
      • ‘The proposed two-storey property would be substantial in size and would include a triple garage and a self-contained two-bedroom lodge at the front.’
      • ‘Avril went from high school to signing with a major label to a successful triple platinum debut album, all in 2 years.’
      • ‘I just had a client stop by my office to drop off 2 bottles of wine from Sterling Winery along with a box of the most decadent triple dark chocolate truffles from a specialty chocolatier.’
      three times, three times as much as, treble
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  • Three times as much or as many.

    ‘the copper energy cells had triple the efficiency of silicon cells’
    • ‘The debt incurred in some cases is triple their monthly income.’
    • ‘The projected growth is triple the global rate.’
    • ‘With overtime included, garment workers can earn triple the average annual income of $268.’
    • ‘For that price, I can fly from Paris to New York, which is triple the distance.’
    • ‘The councillor warned that building costs for the project were already rising at triple the rate of inflation.’
    • ‘He would appear to have escaped a jail sentence and a fine of triple the profits on the deal, and apparently leaves the court without a stain on his character.’
    • ‘People who suffer a heart attack without experiencing chest pain and seek medical attention at a hospital have triple the death rate of other cardiac patients.’
    • ‘Brokers of the deal boasted orders for triple the value of the announced issue.’
    • ‘If stroke survivors stop taking daily aspirin, they have triple the risk of suffering another stroke within just one month, according to a new study.’
    • ‘However, the increase in endurance and strength in the multiple set group was just 2% from the group performing single sets but in triple the time!’
    • ‘The figure is triple the average rate in Southeast Asia and 50 times the rate in developed countries.’
    • ‘People on fixed incomes and pensioners simply cannot afford rises of triple the cost of living.’
    • ‘She will receive triple her Australian salary and five times the funding for the international virus database she has been developing.’
    • ‘The strong upward trend was reflected by the fact that advancing counters were triple the number of declining counters.’
    • ‘Its predecessor was good but this is triple the amount.’
    • ‘The newspaper yesterday quoted commission officials as saying the last-minute payout to voters was triple the amount spent at the last election.’
    • ‘No one's saying, Oh, I'll wait until October so I can pay triple the car tax.’
    • ‘I could go on a rant about how sugar subsidies cause American consumers to pay triple the market price for sugar, just to get the privilege of ruining the Everglades.’
    • ‘It's a single scene that's better than an entire American blockbuster with triple the budget.’
    • ‘In the meantime, the remuneration committee would like to make an award to executives that is triple the level of awards allowed under the new scheme.’


  • 1A thing that is three times as large as usual or is made up of three standard units or items.

    ‘two whiskies—triples, please’
    • ‘I need a double, no, make that a triple.’
    • ‘Add a daily double latte (make that a triple) and it's no wonder so many of us experience sensory overload and find it hard to wind down at day's end.’
    • ‘Other cacti, sunflowers, and pinecones display this or other triples of Fibonacci numbers.’
    • ‘Place-level data on the number of housing units from single family to doubles, triples, and buildings with more than five units built every month or every year.’
    trio, threesome, triumvirate, triad, troika
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  • 2triplesA sporting contest in which each side has three players.

    • ‘This triples event requires each team to complete three rounds of 15 ends per day under the following rule variations.’
    • ‘Northern Ireland will send their strongest ever squad, while hopes are high for the Scottish EAD triples team after their win at the inaugural multi-disability bowls triples at Nottingham last year.’
    • ‘The Twins lead the American League in doubles and triples.’
    • ‘In the triples event, the three women grabbed a silver medal after winning four games, drawing one and losing the other.’
  • 3triplesBell-ringing
    A system of change-ringing using seven bells, with three pairs changing places each time.

    • ‘I can ring touches of Stedman Doubles no problems but whenever I look at the Stedman Triples work I get nowhere.’
    • ‘Grandsire and Stedman triples are regularly rung for Sunday Service.’
    • ‘To help with compiling the collection, and to ensure the truth and accuracy of the published peals, I developed some software specifically for entering and checking Stedman Triples compositions.’
  • 4Baseball
    A hit which enables the batter to reach third base.

    • ‘A triple in Japanese baseball is a fairly rare play.’
    • ‘He got back and started pounding doubles and triples down the third base line.’
    • ‘For example, if there's a man on first, a single moves him to 2nd base, a double moves him to 3rd base, a triple takes him home, etc.’
    • ‘He hit only 240 with 17 home runs, but he did record nine triples and 26 stolen bases.’
    • ‘He had 22 home runs, seven triples, 27 doubles and 27 stolen bases.’


[no object]
  • 1Become three times as much or as many.

    ‘grain prices were expected to triple’
    • ‘Physicians' use of wireless technology is expected to triple over the next three years.’
    • ‘The world freight market is expected to triple in the next 20 years.’
    • ‘And those numbers are expected to triple in the next months.’
    • ‘In the past five years stamp duty revenue has quadrupled from £465m to £2.1bn and is expected, on conservative assumptions, to triple in the next ten years.’
    • ‘If the predictions are correct residents can expect pollution levels to triple, vegetation to be destroyed and global warming to speed up.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, many listed retailers saw profits shoot upwards as well, tripling in some cases.’
    • ‘In the last 40 years, obesity in the population as a whole has more than tripled.’
    • ‘Despite abandoning plans for a flotation earlier this year, turnover is expected to triple this year.’
    • ‘The firm said it expects visitor numbers to double or triple by the end of next year.’
    • ‘England has the fastest growing obesity problem in Europe, with childhood obesity tripling in 20 years.’
    • ‘This figure is expected to triple by the end of the decade.’
    • ‘The Danish firm said it expected traffic to triple, to eight million passengers, by 2040.’
    • ‘Tourism, the world's biggest service industry continues to grow, with tourist numbers expected to triple by 2020.’
    • ‘In the past five years stamp duty revenue has also quadrupled from £465 million to £2.1 billion and is expected to triple in the next ten years.’
    • ‘Of the 4 million Americans with hepatitis C, the death rate is currently 10,000 a year, a number that is expected to triple in 20 years.’
    • ‘The Hispanic population is expected to triple to 98 million by 2050.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the number of Internet users is expected to triple within three years.’
    • ‘Today there are 85 employees and those numbers are expected to triple in a short period of time.’
    • ‘In 10 years the population had more than tripled from 4,000 to almost 13,000 causing much social upheaval with so many ‘newcomers’ arriving so quickly.’
    • ‘The programme has been so successful that the number of children having to take time off school because of asthma has dropped from 35 per cent to five per cent and the numbers of asthma sufferers doing sport has tripled.’
    treble, increase by three
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    1. 1.1with object Multiply by three.
      ‘the party more than tripled its share of the vote’
      • ‘It said its net income for the third quarter rose to $253m, or 17 cents a share, nearly tripling its $65m, or five cents a share, income for the same quarter last year.’
      • ‘The shares have more than tripled this year to trade last Friday at E20.08.’
      • ‘I notice that his tone doesn't become louder as he warms to his theme; he just calmly triples the number of punctuating expletives.’
      • ‘Some have doubled or tripled the share of their overall revenues generated by sales abroad to 30, 40 and even 50 percent.’
      • ‘It has tripled its share price in the past four months.’
      • ‘The French-based company charged with tripling the level of recycling in Sheffield over the next three years has outlined a shake-up to ensure it hits the Government-imposed target.’
      • ‘The company has broken through the six-figure barrier for its monthly transactions for the first time in its history - more than tripling the figure for the same period last year.’
      • ‘The cruellest summary of the government's ambitions were that they wanted to increase the number of young people from poorer households who go to university and they were going to achieve this by tripling the cost of higher education.’
      • ‘The Student Life Centre has met the challenge to provide added security with the recent addition of eight new security cameras, tripling the number of cameras currently in place.’
      • ‘American blockbusters still dominate, but last year 10% of films seen in Mexico were made at home, tripling the proportion of five years ago.’
      • ‘Money would be spent on tripling the real income of state employees, including judges and prosecutors, he said.’
      • ‘Other works have included the fitting of slatted shelves in the heated linen cupboard, tripling its storage capacity.’
      • ‘This was a big undertaking, effectively tripling the number of rooms, but the investment has been worthwhile.’
      • ‘‘I'm planning on expanding it or even tripling it, so hopefully I can include a very diverse representation of people,’ she says.’
      • ‘What's more, they win every night at roulette, tripling their earnings.’
      • ‘We have drastically revamped the studio, doubling our space and tripling our technical capacity.’
      • ‘Well it did well, it did spectacularly well, Mark, increasing the number of seats from around 50 to 150, tripling the number of seats.’
      • ‘For example, since its relaunch in 1989, the company tripled its share of the cat food market and established itself as the number two brand.’
      • ‘By the end of the evening, the art works had brought in about $8,200, almost tripling the amount raised by last year's auction.’
      • ‘Key to the plan is tripling the capacity of the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank from 70 beds to 220, allowing the centre to increase operations from 10,000 to 30,000 a year.’
  • 2Baseball
    Hit a triple.

    ‘he tripled into right field’
    • ‘Morcom knocked her third home run of the season over the left field fence before Miller tripled into right field.’
    • ‘Jackie Robinson tripled home a run and a single by Andy Pafko scored Robinson and the Dodgers were back in the game, trailing, 6-5.’
    • ‘Then in the 7th, facing Lowe, Ichiro tripled home another run.’


Middle English (as an adjective and adverb): from Old French, or from Latin triplus, from Greek triplous.