Definition of Tripitaka in English:



the Tripitaka
  • The sacred canon of Theravada Buddhism, written in the Pali language.

    • ‘They contain 84,000 articles or Tripitakas of Buddha's teachings, written in Pali with Khmer translations.’
    • ‘During the readings, the monks and the members of the public will read the Tripitaka aloud in unison.’
    • ‘There are well bound Tripitakas on ola leaves written in Pali displayed in a separate bookshelf.’
    • ‘Tradition has it that the Tripitaka was first compiled in about 250 B.C. by a Buddhist council convened by the Indian Emperor Asoka.’
    • ‘The number of volumes comprising the Tripitakas is without parallel in any other religion.’


From Sanskrit tripiṭaka, literally ‘the three baskets or collections’.