Definition of triode in English:



  • 1A thermionic valve having three electrodes.

    • ‘To prevent tube microphonics, the peanut-size triode is surrounded in foam and shock-mounted in a brass block.’
    • ‘Circumstances changed dramatically in about 1925 when the new microphones and triode valve amplifiers introduced a few years earlier for radio broadcasting came into use.’
    • ‘Vinyl records and valve amplifiers are for them, with the triode valve being the one most favoured.’
    1. 1.1 A semiconductor rectifier having three connections.
      • ‘The positive triode rectifier switch has the upper electrode as a cathode, the lower electrode as an anode, and the p-type semiconductor layer.’
      • ‘The triode rectifier switch is simpler in the manufacturing process and lower in cost than a thin film transistor.’


Early 20th century: from tri- ‘three’ + electrode.