Definition of Trinitarianism in English:



  • See Trinitarian

    • ‘Not only did he reject the Trinity; he regarded Trinitarianism as a sin of idolatry.’
    • ‘This term became a periphrasis for God; whether it could have been reckoned as a separate person, as in Christian Trinitarianism, is a matter of debate.’
    • ‘It demands that we make such a start as the foundation of a restored pneumatology and as one of the experiential grounds for a restored Trinitarianism.’
    • ‘The faces of the movement include Catholics, a Pentecostal who questions Trinitarianism, and a ‘new kind of Christian.’’
    • ‘The first is his splendid and rigorous Trinitarianism, with its unique mutual correction and correlation of Eastern and Western traditions.’