Definition of Trini in English:



West Indian
  • A Trinidadian.

    • ‘A Trini by adoption, in the course of my Caribbean travels I've acquired honorary citizenship in several other islands.’
    • ‘Still, knowing how Trinis are afraid of jail and death and bullets, I feel reasonably sure that if we do have violence it would be in the form of bottle-pelting and stone-throwing.’
    • ‘Having said that, I need add that while we Trinis give with our hearts to our Caribbean brethren, there is little reciprocity, and that creates a lot of ‘bad blood’ between us and our neighbours.’
    • ‘I was on radio a number of times during the week explaining what would take place, but as usual, Trinis hear only what they wish to hear.’
    • ‘There have been innuendoes about our Prime Minister seeking to assist some of our Caribbean brothers first and ignoring certain Trinis of a particular ethnic background.’
    • ‘Oh, for all the Trinis who read here and who might not know it already, Trinidad and Tobago beat Barbados 3-2 to become the third team from th Caribbean to go on to the Gold Cup.’
    • ‘This is what crime thrives on - fear among the wider population, forcing law-abiding citizens to cower, to ‘live in jail’ as we Trinis say, or to be in a permanent state of nervousness.’
    • ‘‘Pork,’ he said, ‘accounts for one quarter of all meat consumed by Trinis.’’
    • ‘Dozens of Trinis of all ages and races gathered for the second semifinal round to listen to the singers passionately present their singles and view the dancers ‘busting’ their moves.’
    • ‘Now he runs a Caribbean record shop in partnership with a Trini, and worries more about his absent wife than about such gritty matters as guns, perps, and drugs.’