Definition of trimerous in English:



Botany Zoology
  • 1Having parts arranged in groups of three.

    • ‘Some botanists noted certain similarities such as floral organs in trimerous whorls uniting members of this order and ‘primitive’ monocotyledons (Alisma).’
    • ‘Trillium species are characterized by a single trimerous flower subtended by a whorl of three leaves.’
    • ‘Basal lineages (Cabomba, Brasenia, Nuphar, and Barclaya) are trimerous with differentiated sepals and petals.’
    • ‘Some non-terminal flowers are dimerous, but otherwise identical to trimerous flowers.’
    • ‘Their perigonium consists of two trimerous whorls of tepals, or conversely of a perianth comprising calyx and corolla.’
    1. 1.1 Consisting of three joints or parts.
      • ‘Trillium govanianum possesses characters normally seen in only Paris such as filiform petals and ellipsoid, monosulcate pollen, but it shares having trimerous flowers with Trillium.’
      • ‘The fossil flower, Lauranthus futabensis, gen. et sp. nov. is assigned to the Lauraceae based on the regular trimerous organization of the perianth and androecium, and the valvate anthers.’