Definition of trim tab in English:

trim tab

(also trimming tab)


  • 1Aeronautics
    An adjustable tab or aerofoil attached to a control surface, used to trim an aircraft in flight.

    • ‘The first review of the site on 13 September 1990, brought to light the impact crater and small pieces of metal including an aileron trim tab still painted olive and grey, and parts of the Pratt & Whitney engine.’
    • ‘It's mounted on the roof and rotates in a horizontal plain to move a vertical trim tab.’
    • ‘The ailerons were of aluminum frame with fabric covering and had a controllable trim tab which relieved the pilot of any load on the control wheel caused by conditions affecting lateral balance.’
    • ‘Such things as the wing tips, ailerons, trimming tabs, elevator, seats, berths and landing gear may be exchanged between one plane and another.’
    • ‘Eva Air landed in Los Angeles in one piece, with rudder, elevator, fuselage, trim tabs and ailerons intact.’
  • 2Nautical
    An adjustable flap fitted to the trailing edge of a rudder or keel, used to adjust steering, or fitted horizontally as one of a pair on the stern and used to trim a boat at speed.

    • ‘Installing trim tabs on a planing hull can also improve fuel consumption, he said.’
    • ‘‘Adjusting the trim tabs keeps us level,’ he raised a hand from the toolbox, holding it straight out, ‘without them, we would roll freely from side to side.’’
    • ‘Standard equipment includes hydraulic steering and trim tabs and the 320 responds quickly.’
    • ‘For example, the VHF radio, engine sync and trim tabs are optional but the blender, six-disk changer and cooler are standard!’
    • ‘Hydraulic steering is standard as are hydraulic trim tabs and electric windshield wipers.’