Definition of trilateral in English:



  • 1Shared by or involving three parties.

    ‘trilateral negotiations’
    • ‘The trilateral memorandum for the construction of the oil pipeline will be signed in Sofia by April 15, a tripartite committee of Bulgaria, Russia, and Greece has decided in Moscow.’
    • ‘It is not without reason that China is serving as the host of the ongoing trilateral negotiations between the US, China and North Korea in Beijing.’
    • ‘As part of the trilateral summit, Purvanov discussed the political and economic relations between Bulgaria and Greece at his meeting with Simitis on Friday.’
    • ‘So can I take you back a bit to talk a bit more, if you wouldn't mind, about that sort of trilateral relationship - Washington, Canberra, London - that's developed.’
    • ‘The Russian president chose Kaliningrad for a trilateral meeting!’
    • ‘While officials predicted ‘little concrete progress’ from yesterday's trilateral meetings, a deadline of sorts was given.’
    • ‘A source familiar with the trilateral meeting said the three countries decided to reject North Korea's call for including energy and economic assistance to Pyongyang in the envisaged statement.’
    • ‘The latter two demand a trilateral agreement over the share of the waters, and, indeed, representatives of the three countries have met several times for this purpose.’
    • ‘Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines sealed a trilateral security pact on Tuesday in an attempt to bolster cooperation to combat terrorism and cross-border crime.’
    • ‘Bilateral agreements were also signed such as those between Chile and Argentina, and between Mexico and Venezuela, as well as the trilateral agreement involving Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico.’
    • ‘However, the disputed 5000 square kilometer territory of the State ceded by Pakistan to China has to be subjected to trilateral talks - China, Pakistan and India for a final resolution.’
    • ‘We, after all, have a trilateral commission, between Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States to share intelligence along the border regions.’
    • ‘The commitments of Labour and Social Policy Ministry under this agreement include that it motion amendments to labour legislation after trilateral negotiations.’
    • ‘The two heads of state discussed the idea of a trilateral meeting at which the presidents of Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia would discuss all matters related to Corridor VIII.’
    • ‘Rome and Madrid were hardly enthusiastic about the trilateral meeting in Berlin, although it was billed as ‘informal.’’
    • ‘With a total population of 1.3 billion people in these countries, the IBSA initiative promises huge benefits in trilateral exchange as a south-south free trade zone emerges.’
    • ‘A provision to this effect is available in a draft trilateral agreement on cooperation in the transportation of nuclear materials, which was approved by the Council of Ministers last Thursday.’
    • ‘This led to President Jimmy Carter's invitation to President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin to join him in trilateral negotiations at Camp David.’
    • ‘Bulgaria, Greece and Russia signed on April 12 a trilateral memorandum on the construction of the Bourgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline.’
    • ‘She said when she met Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Tuesday evening, the Thai leader agreed to join the trilateral pact as the fourth party.’
  • 2Geometry
    Of or having three sides.

    • ‘Yet the trilateral filter requires only one user-set parameter.’
    • ‘Of trilateral figures, an equilateral triangle is that which has its three sides equal, an isosceles triangle, that which has two of its sides equal, and a scalene triangle, that which has its three sides unequal.’


  • A triangle.

    • ‘Let two arcs be drawn from the vertex of a trilateral to points on the base.’
    • ‘By the pivoting of the deformable quadrilaterals, the trilaterals are raised and maintain the uprights.’