Definition of trigram in English:



  • 1

    another term for trigraph
    • ‘The trigram eau, for example, is a fairly infrequent phonogram.’
    • ‘At the zenith the trigram IHS appears, surrounded by saints and angels on zigzag over-solid clouds.’
    • ‘Statistical analysis of the linguistic property of digram co-occurrence in textual material leads to a new, more effective simultaneous digram and trigram encoding technique.’
  • 2Linguistics
    A group of three consecutive written units such as letters, syllables, or words.

    • ‘In this research, even the syllables, or the letters, or the bigrams (or trigrams) that are theoretically possible in Greek could have been suitable.’
    • ‘It will be seen that, as well as pure diagrams, this method tends to find common trigrams (e.g. 'ver'), words (e.g. 'the'), morphemes (e.g. 'ing','s') and collocations (e.g. 'in the').’
    • ‘The user's speech is broken down into "trigrams" - three-word segments.’
    • ‘Experiments were performed on the North American Business News task using a 60,000 word vocabulary and a trigram language model.’
    • ‘We both use trigram analysis, but we aim ourselves at more serious users.’
  • 3Each of the eight figures formed of three parallel lines, each either whole or broken, combined to form the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching.

    • ‘Particular combinations in threes of the unbroken yang line and the broken yin line form symbolic trigrams that have particular meanings.’
    • ‘The trigrams represent heaven, earth, thunder, water, mountain, wind, fire, and lake.’
    • ‘Looking at the I Ching from a quantum physics perspective, Terence and his brother Dennis discovered a wave pattern in the ordering of the Tarot's trigrams and hexagrams that suggested time could be mapped.’
    • ‘Within Feng Shui and the I Ching, there are eight trigrams that represent the eight directions within a 360 degree turn…’
    • ‘In later centuries the patterns formed by these sticks were ultimately organized into eight trigram designs of long and short lines.’
    • ‘The changes of a hexagram through internal trigrams and line changes give birth to the ‘four images,’ and the pearls and jade in the depth of the water cause the formation of square and round waves.’
    • ‘Each section corresponds to one of the eight trigrams.’