Definition of triggering in English:



  • 1(of an event, circumstance, etc.) causing a particular action, process, or situation to happen.

    ‘people who blush too much frequently blush arbitrarily, with no obvious triggering event’
    ‘cyberbullying is one of the triggering factors for teen depression’
    • ‘The incidence of abuse at home is considered a triggering factor for using drugs.’
    • ‘The article does not prevent a triggering decision at a local level.’
    • ‘He also finds that war is a triggering influence on inflation, political disorder, social conflict and economic disruption.’
    • ‘Some plans do not consider this a triggering event and may require the employee to attain the plan's retirement age to be eligible to receive distributions.’
    • ‘This inapt degree of welfare has been publicly acknowledged as a triggering factor for the low social status and recognition of teachers in society.’
    • ‘The scientists also took samples of the ticks and other insects, hoping to find some triggering cause.’
    • ‘Poll show him either leading or close behind and sometimes show large 6 (or more) point swings in the absence of any particular triggering event.’
    • ‘He never dismissed anyone there without a triggering incident such as an arrest or a fight.’
    • ‘He was told a triggering event was necessary before a court could order that.’
    • ‘The authors found that certain triggering events can cause families to move in and out of poverty.’
    1. 1.1 (especially of something read, seen, or heard) causing someone emotional distress, typically as a result of arousing feelings or memories associated with a particular traumatic experience.
      ‘this could be very triggering for victims of sexual assault’
      ‘as a sufferer of anorexia who is trying hard to recover, I found these images incredibly triggering’
      • ‘These stories are always triggering; my own aunt, she decided to support her son instead of really listening to me and getting me help that I needed.’
      • ‘As someone who didn't get a choice in beginning my sexual behavior, I found it triggering and upsetting.’
      • ‘It's always triggering but when it pops up I just make sure I use the tools to help myself just to recover from listening to these type of stories in the news.’
      • ‘I hear that many people perceive this behaviour as inappropriate and disturbing, and that some found it triggering to read.’
      • ‘It's very triggering as someone who has seen dead bodies like this growing up.’
      • ‘This could also be very triggering for victims of sexual assault.’
      • ‘We are issuing a brief reminder that reporting specific details about the method a person uses for suicide can be very triggering for others experiencing suicidal thoughts.’
      • ‘If there are traditions that you find to be triggering or simply don't like, allow yourself to forego them.’
      • ‘Each participant was also asked to attend cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with a licensed counselor after a triggering event, such as a patient death, caring for patients with traumatic injuries or participating in end-of-life discussions with family members.’
      • ‘It all seems like a fun backstage clip until he shows up and reminds her that it's actually very triggering for him.’