Definition of trigger finger in English:

trigger finger


  • 1The forefinger of the right hand, as that with which the trigger of a gun is typically pulled.

    • ‘The easy, short-stroke trigger pull for every shot isn't taxing to the trigger finger, either.’
    • ‘The real manual safety is a small sliding catch on the right side of the frame, directly behind the trigger and operated easily - after a bit of practice - by the trigger finger of a right-handed shooter.’
    • ‘The edges of the trigger are relatively sharp and can cause pinching of the trigger finger for some individuals.’
    • ‘Much of the game's action requires a quick trigger finger, but also a sharp mind to manipulate the various gadgets at your disposal to ensure stealthy movement through levels.’
    • ‘What seems to be happening, and they have taken video and examined it frame by frame to substantiate this, is the trigger finger of some shooters is actually doing a double tap as the back of the grip bounces off the shooter's hand.’
    • ‘The polymer grip assembly has sharp checkering for a good grip, with contours on both sides that accommodate the thumb and trigger finger.’
    • ‘Today's pulls are not truly bad, they're just not as forgiving of a frisky trigger finger as are the lighter-pulling guns that shooters currently seem to favor.’
    • ‘Because the arm muscles are not rigidly locked the trigger finger can operate with greater speed and precision.’
    • ‘When moving with drawn gun, or reloading it, Frank wants it ‘in the pocket,’ a space close to the body and level with the chin with the muzzle downrange and the trigger finger of course on the frame.’
    • ‘It's easily operated by the trigger finger of either hand.’
    • ‘Some trainers teach to actually place the tip of the trigger finger against the protruding tip of the slide lock on an auto pistol so you will know right where the finger belongs.’
    • ‘The viewer is led step-by-step through sight alignment and sight picture, how to isolate the trigger finger, how to handle recoil with minimum disruption, calling the shot and follow through.’
    • ‘That's right: you can slide the trigger mechanism back and forth to adjust for the length of your trigger finger and your preferred pull weight.’
    • ‘The trigger finger is straight ahead, it is not in the chamber so that there is no chance of pushing and having a discharge.’
    • ‘The important thing is to move the trigger finger without moving any thing else.’
    • ‘The weapon's safety is located on the right side of the trigger guard and is easily manipulated via the trigger finger - if you're right handed.’
    • ‘The pad of the trigger finger should be able to feel the holster material pass beneath it - one more tactile index of safety, as the gun, slides into its receptacle.’
    • ‘The safety is a cross-bolt type most commonly seen on pump or auto shotguns, but it's located just above the trigger where it can be operated with the trigger finger.’
    • ‘I also know that he knows that most shooters do better with the smooth surface and prefer to make contact with the distal joint of the trigger finger, and this set-up is ideal for that.’
  • 2Medicine
    mass noun A defect in a tendon causing a finger to jerk or snap straight when the hand is extended.

    • ‘Faulty breathing, stage fright, cumulative trauma disorders, tendonitis, carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome, trigger finger and tennis elbow also are reviewed.’
    • ‘An often painful condition, trigger finger is caused by a narrowing of the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the affected finger.’
    • ‘There also is a ‘New Technologies’ section, which provides extensive information about surgical procedures for alleviating carpal tunnel and trigger finger.’
    • ‘The truly unfortunate will succumb to trigger finger.’