Definition of trigeminal neuralgia in English:

trigeminal neuralgia


mass nounMedicine
  • Neuralgia involving one or more of the branches of the trigeminal nerves, and often causing severe pain.

    • ‘For the thousands of people who have trigeminal neuralgia, attacks of such pain are frequent and can often seem unbearable.’
    • ‘Patients then are asked if they feel typical trigeminal neuralgia pain.’
    • ‘Patients describe the sudden and severe pain of trigeminal neuralgia as a ‘red hot needle’ or ‘forked lightning’ pain in the face.’
    • ‘Before this time, trigeminal neuralgia was described as pain that gave patients the facial appearance of a dog about to bark.’
    • ‘He was in his middle 50s with long-standing trigeminal neuralgia, a condition in which patients have intermittent severe facial pain.’


trigeminal neuralgia