Definition of trifacial nerve in English:

trifacial nerve


  • another term for trigeminal nerve
    • ‘The hemicraniae and prosopalgias which Colocynth will cure, are, in all cases, purely functional derangements of the filaments of the trifacial nerve.’
    • ‘It especially affects the nerves of the face and neck the trifacial nerves.’
    • ‘There have been cases of trifacial nerve headaches which would not recede with any known treatment, but after 15-20 acupuncture sessions they disappeared or pain diminished considerably.’
    • ‘The best results were received in the patients that had not been subject to alcoholization of trifacial node and trifacial nerve peripheral branches at the basis of scull.’
    • ‘There is marked paralysis of the facial and trifacial nerves and the branches of the auditory nerves.’


trifacial nerve