Definition of triennium in English:


nounPlural triennia, Plural trienniums

  • A specified period of three years.

    • ‘Books published in the triennium 1999 to 2002 will be considered for the Levin award, which will be presented at the ACLA Annual Meeting in San Diego, April 2003.’
    • ‘A Labour-led Government over the next triennium, after this particular Parliament is finished, is essential because the good news in this Budget rolls out over a number of years to come.’
    • ‘The new International Rules of Yacht Racing, covering the triennium 2001-2004, were implemented for the first time in an Optimist regatta in Asia and the race organizers watched with great interest.’
    • ‘The representative democracy of our Constitution is not confined to a ceremonial visit of electors to the ballot box each triennium.’
    • ‘Indeed, he deferred submitting a proposal for renewal of a triennium of funding two years ago while he pulled together a massive restructuring of the organisation.’
    • ‘The incoming president for the next triennium will be René Dändliker from Switzerland.’
    • ‘We call it vocational registration, and we have to accumulate a minimum number of points over a triennium.’
    • ‘In Budget 2003 tertiary education funding rate increases were announced for the 2004/06 triennium.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin, from tri- ‘three’ + annum ‘year’.