Definition of Tridentine in English:



  • Relating to the Council of Trent, especially as the basis of Roman Catholic doctrine.

    • ‘A vernacular Tridentine rite would sit fine with me.’
    • ‘Seminaries were synonymous with the chequered 400-year history of Tridentine Catholicism.’
    • ‘That does not mean the Tridentine rite is wrong.’
    • ‘Informal vows of marriage continued long after Tridentine reforms were introduced.’
    • ‘Were Facy a Catholic, it is likely that, around 1620, he would have followed the Tridentine liturgy, rather than the Sarum rite.’
    • ‘Advocates of this position creatively fused Tridentine Catholicism with Irish nationalism and vigorously emphasised the ethnic needs of local communicants.’
    • ‘As one who works primarily with youth from the public schools, I see that they live in a pluralistic world, out of touch with both the touchy-feely liberalism and the outward trappings of Tridentine piety.’
    • ‘Latin, of course, is the language of the Tridentine rite.’
    • ‘From the seventeenth century onward, the leaders of the Catholic Church followed Tridentine directives that sought to impose uniformity in religious standards and practices.’
    • ‘For those of us used to the twentieth century's rationalising simplifications, it is good to remember that the complex Tridentine rite was itself introduced as a rationalisation and modernisation.’
    • ‘It could also see a resurgence in the use of the Tridentine rite.’
    • ‘I come from a Tridentine Catholic or ‘old school’ Catholic background.’
    • ‘At the extreme right the Church is confronted by movements that seek to undo the work of the Council itself, restoring what they venerate as Tridentine Catholicism.’
    • ‘The Tridentine rite I attended in Flint was unchanged in every respect from the Mass of my youth and yet it impressed me as radically different.’
    • ‘The Tridentine rite of Mass was the liturgical form used throughout the western Catholic Church from the fifth century until 1968.’
    • ‘On reflection, however, I recognized that this difference in readings focused my vague sense of dissatisfaction with the Tridentine rite.’
    • ‘I don't subscribe to Gibson's Tridentine Catholicism.’


From medieval Latin Tridentinus, from Tridentum ‘Trent’.