Definition of tricks of the trade in English:

tricks of the trade


  • Special ingenious techniques used in a profession or craft, especially those that are little known by outsiders.

    • ‘There are a few tricks of the trade with these techniques, and once mastered they make tomato growing a whole lot more satisfying.’
    • ‘With proper training and experience, a professional will learn the tricks of the trade, and generally get a job done faster and better than a regular Joe would.’
    • ‘Having learned the tricks of the trade from his father, Willie began cutting the turf himself at the tender age of 16 and eventually took over the responsibility from his dad.’
    • ‘Would-be computer hackers can now study the tricks of the trade at university, providing they first sign a pledge agreeing not to break the law with their new skills.’
    • ‘There were also music workshops, where anyone could turn up, young or old, novice or professional, to be shown tricks of the trade (for a small fee).’
    • ‘Although not wanting to reveal too many tricks of the trade, he said going up to a person who was causing trouble and asking to speak to them outside was a good way to stop situations happening.’
    • ‘To succeed in blogging you need to understand it's a craft, with its own tricks of the trade.’
    • ‘His roots were connected more to music and trade but family tradition from now on seems to be chimneysweeping as his son and son-in-law are now learning the tricks of the trade.’
    • ‘When it comes to learning the craft, Morgan doubts the effectiveness of the many music schools popping up, promising the tricks of the trade to young hopefuls.’
    • ‘The concert will see them performing ‘up-close’ where Steve and Phil interact with the audience with a mix of anecdotes, tricks of the trade and songs old and new.’