Definition of trichrome in English:



  • Denoting a stain or method of histological staining in which different tissues are stained, each in one of three different colours.

    • ‘Cross-striations were present within the cytoplasm on hematoxylin-eosinstained sections and were highlighted by trichrome stain.’
    • ‘The clear cells possessed abundant finely reticulated clear cytoplasm, which was highlighted by trichrome stain and immunostaining with antimitochondria antibody.’
    • ‘In our laboratory the trichrome stain was quite variable in its ability to stain the cytoplasm red and the collagen green.’
    • ‘Elastic trichrome and trichrome stains of the liver tissue failed to show evidence of fibrosis.’
    • ‘New and practical staining techniques on frozen tissues, such as modified trichrome and crystal violet stains, are welcome additions.’
    • ‘This fibrosis was further appreciated by trichrome stain.’
    • ‘All 6 specimens containing microsporidia were positive by the AFT and the modified trichrome stains.’
    • ‘Acid-fast and parasite trichrome stains of lung biopsy specimens were negative, as were direct fluorescent antibody stains for legionella and pneumocystis carinii.’
    • ‘Mucicarmine, Alcian blue, elastic, and trichrome stains were used selectively to help define morphology.’
    • ‘The presence of abnormal subepithelial collagen deposition was confirmed by Masson trichrome stain; staining for amyloid with Congo red was negative.’
    • ‘The special stains used were Halle colloidal iron, trichrome stain, and mucicarmine.’
    • ‘They stained positively with a trichrome stain and failed to mark with any of the immunohistochemical stains.’
    • ‘Using Masson trichrome stain and ancillary immunostains, the diagnosis of seminoma was established.’
    • ‘Unlike the Azan method, the Masson trichrome stain poses no potential health risk to laboratory personnel.’


Early 20th century: from tri- ‘three’ + Greek khrōma ‘colour’.