Definition of triceratops in English:



  • A large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur living at the end of the Cretaceous period, having a massive head with two large horns, a smaller horn on the beaked snout, and a bony frill above the neck.

    Genus Triceratops, infraorder Ceratopsia, order Ornithischia

    • ‘The triceratops, like all dinosaurs, only had a small brain but he made up for it with his big heart (some dinosaurs even had two hearts).’
    • ‘In fact, he's headed to Montana this August to excavate tyrannosaurs and triceratops.’
    • ‘The bronze skull of a triceratops is five feet high, seven feet long and weighs a ton.’
    • ‘When given a picture of a triceratops and told it was a dinosaur, the children correctly inferred that it belonged to the cold-blooded class of animals.’
    • ‘The latest addition to the museum's menagerie of dinosaurs - a cast of a full-size triceratops skeleton, ready for action.’


Modern Latin, from Greek trikeratos ‘three-horned’ + ōps ‘face’.