Definition of tribespeople in English:


plural noun

  • People belonging to a tribe in a traditional society or group.

    • ‘Muslim tribespeople invaded from Pakistan, and the maharaja acceded to India in 1948; Pakistani and Indian troops fought in Kashmir beginning in 1947.’
    • ‘There are a number of former tribespeople among the Pilgrims.’
    • ‘Almost as interesting as the variety of birds were the rambling mud homesteads of the local Farafara tribespeople with their conical grain storage outbuildings and pottery-making kilns.’
    • ‘For centuries it has been inhabited by tribespeople - Afridis, Waziris, Baluchis and many more - each boasting to be more fearsome than the others.’
    • ‘Many of those who marched were tribespeople and students (tribal banners were much in evidence according to an eyewitness.)’
    • ‘It is sparsely populated with tribespeople who display a fierce sense of independence.’
    • ‘As part of the plan, tribespeople want to erect community and educational centers near the site and develop related ecotourism.’
    • ‘The American Indian Cultural Center, which also houses a museum and library, serves as a local venue to which local tribespeople, both children and adults, come to learn more about their culture.’
    • ‘The government and conservation groups are encouraging tribespeople to develop camp sites for safari-goers and to sell handcrafts rather than cultivate the land.’
    • ‘In one blood-drenched revolt in 1825, tribespeople massacred 8,000 Chinese soldiers, prompting a harsh response from the central government.’
    • ‘The tribespeople may smile in return, showing the anthropologists that they share the same feeling.’
    • ‘Cotter's book attributes much responsibility to the sealers, for abducting women, for killing men in doing so and for spreading venereal diseases, which grossly cut the tribespeople's ability to produce new generations.’
    • ‘Tales of a half-ape, half-man-like creature in the rainforest are part of the folklore of tribespeople on Sumatra in Indonesia but, despite many sightings by locals and Western scientists, its existence has never been proved.’
    • ‘That is another contradiction, because photographing animals - or tribespeople - takes an enormous amount of patience, just waiting for the right moment.’
    • ‘There the lions exist in uneasy equilibrium with the Maldhari tribespeople - I was fascinated by this relationship.’
    • ‘He shunned the conveniences of modern life in favour of learning from the fishermen who worked the treacherous frozen seas and from the native Innuit tribespeople they met.’
    • ‘These tribespeople are not ethnic Khmer, as are the vast majority of Cambodians.’
    • ‘Gaudily attired tribespeople wander through market places selling hand-made embroidery, while conical-hatted workers labour in the rice paddies clinging to the lush hillsides.’