Definition of triaxial in English:



  • Having or relating to three axes, especially in mechanical or astronomical contexts.

    • ‘The formation of a necked region or mild notch introduces triaxial stresses, which make it difficult to determine accurately the longitudinal tensile stress on out to fracture.’
    • ‘Findings of this study suggest that conventional triaxial apparatus still dominates, particularly in rock mechanics to study multi fluid flow through rocks and its stress/strain behavior.’
    • ‘The triaxial plan gives classrooms daylight on both sides which are entered off a remarkably economical central hall, while stores and lavatories occupy the corners.’
    • ‘However, the devices used in these studies are unable to provide detailed information on time spent in different activities in real life and are likely less sensitive than triaxial accelerometers.’
    • ‘The samples were tested in a triaxial compression test machine without applying cell pressure.’
    • ‘The static triaxial shear test and its modified version (Texas triaxial test) can be used to determine shear strength under static loading.’
    • ‘It also can be seen that both criteria coincide in the triaxial path (compression or extension), but differ for any other stress paths.’
    • ‘The results obtained from notched-bar tests are not readily expressed in terms of design requirements, since it is not possible to measure the components of the triaxial stress condition at the notch.’
    • ‘Figure 6 shows typical stress, strain and deformability relationships measured during each triaxial compression test.’
    • ‘Following each triaxial test it was noticed that the low strength specimens, grades C and D, generally sheared along one smooth inclined plane of failure.’
    • ‘Where direct determination is to be performed, a variety of test methods (including repeated load triaxial, indirect diametrical tensile and unconfined compression) are available.’