Definition of triacetate in English:


(also cellulose triacetate)


mass noun
  • A form of cellulose acetate containing three acetate groups per glucose monomer, used as a basis for man-made fibres.

    • ‘Some of this sensitivity may be due in part to the use of cellulose triacetate filters in this study because they do not entirely filter out the shortwave UV-B.’
    • ‘Acetate and triacetate are as flammable or slightly less flammable than cotton.’
    • ‘The near-ambient UV treatment used premium cellulose triacetate, which transmitted all solar wavelengths equally (similar to the Aclar used in other studies).’
    • ‘For the UV-exclusion study, similar computations were made with the vinyl and triacetate filters as the end member treatments.’
    • ‘Plastics based on cellulose (primarily wood pulp) include cellulose esters such as cellulose acetate, diacetate, and triacetate, and mixed esters such as cellulose acetate butyrate.’