Definition of trevally in English:



  • A marine sporting fish of the Indo-Pacific.

    • ‘The bluefin trevally is a predatory animal that feeds on other fish or crustaceans.’
    • ‘Fish are everywhere, not just the current-indicating anthias but all the bigger fish, from harlequin sweetlips to trevally and grouper.’
    • ‘Maori wrasse, sweetlips, trevallies, grouper and every variety of Indo-Pacific coral browser hover around.’
    • ‘New Zealand fish such as trevally, snapper and hoki are exported for the sashimi market to the United States.’
    • ‘Dense schools of fusiliers swarm past, followed by squadrons of predators like big-eye trevally, mackerel and rainbow runners.’


Late 19th century: probably an alteration of cavally ‘horse mackerel’, from Spanish caballo ‘horse’.