Definition of trendspotter in English:



  • A person who identifies or predicts new trends in fashion, culture, etc.

    • ‘Sharon's brother Brian worked for Dunnes for several years as a "fashion trend spotter" in New York, according to an informed source.’
    • ‘Its fads and phenomena are dictated as much by a boy in Saigon as a cynical trendspotter in New York.’
    • ‘But there's a difference between 'trend' and 'trendy' as trendspotter Irma Zandl so rightly points out.’
    • ‘Well, at about this time last year Annabelle's team of ' trend-spotters ' were on the hunt for this season's new look.’
    • ‘Their recipes may be of interest, but only of value to members of the club or trendspotters.’
    • ‘Chris Riddle is the Halloween trend spotter at card-and-decorations giant American Greetings, which estimates that 25 % of the American work force will observe Halloween in some fashion this year.’
    • ‘Knowing where the money is, many companies hire youths as market trend spotters; the magazine Teen People alone has deputized some 10,000 kids in this capacity.’
    • ‘Marian Salzman, a highly regarded American trend-spotter and the global director of strategy and planning for the ad agency Euro RSCG, is in broad agreement with that.’
    • ‘Overall Szeemann seems to have settled for being a trend-spotter, with sports and movies being among the prevalent themes of the moment.’
    • ‘Journalists are trend spotters.’
    • ‘But more than anything else, he is an astute trend-spotter and savvy marketer.’
    • ‘The idea that being a young trendspotter can replace actual knowledge of the industry your staff is covering is, well, sad.’
    • ‘There's Joi Ito, the Japanese venture capitalist and trendspotter who has a stake in the likes of Flickr, Technorati and SocialText.’
    • ‘Trend spotters would have found few clues at a recent Manila fashion show to commemorate International Women's Day.’
    • ‘Trend spotters like to point out that the number of women in the shooting sports is on the rise.’
    • ‘If the trendspotters took the time to listen to the music rather than just putting their ear to the ground, they'd hear some inspired sounds.’
    • ‘For 2004 and beyond, if the outdoor world's professional trend-spotters are to be believed, it's going to result in a craze called "Nordic Walking."’
    • ‘Douglas Coupland, the trendspotter who defined Generation X, nailed the phenomomen when he coined the term McJob, which now appears in some US dictionaries.’
    • ‘Around the world, an elite band of trend-spotters spend their days providing businesses with glimpses of the future.’
    • ‘Tulani is a trendspotter, paid to check out what people are wearing, drinking and thinking.’