Definition of Trendelenburg position in English:

Trendelenburg position


  • A position, used for pelvic surgery and to treat shock, in which a patient lies face upwards on a tilted table or bed with the pelvis higher than the head.

    • ‘One study suggests that the reverse Trendelenburg position at 45 degrees in obese patients resulted in a larger tidal volume and lower respiratory rate, thus facilitating the weaning process by optimizing lung mechanics.’
    • ‘A deterioration in cardiac performance occurred when patients were moved from the Trendelenburg position to the supine position.’
    • ‘The patient is placed in a steep Trendelenburg position and deairing consisted of vigorous shaking of the heart, inverting the left atrial appendage and placing positive pressure on the oral endotracheal tube.’
    • ‘Hypotension is treated by placing the patient in the Trendelenburg position and administering IV fluids.’
    • ‘These findings suggest that placing a patient in the modified Trendelenburg position can effectively displace blood from the lower extremities into the central circulation to improve hemodynamics.’


Late 19th century: named after Friedrich Trendelenburg (1844–1924), German surgeon.


Trendelenburg position