Definition of trench mortar in English:

trench mortar


  • A light simple mortar designed to propel a bomb into enemy trenches.

    • ‘North Korea recently accused South Korea of bringing trench mortars into the Demilitarized Zone in violation of the armistice agreement, which ended the 1950-1953 Korean War.’
    • ‘Common equipment, such as guns, machine guns, and rifles are supplemented by special weapons like a flamethrower, trench mortar, etc.’
    • ‘He followed Sasha through the wire diving for cover in a shell hole, just as a round from a trench mortar obliterated the three men who cleared the wire seconds before them.’
    • ‘The closest Wood got to combat was the inspection tour, during which a trench mortar exploded at the breach, slightly wounding him and killing several officers who stood nearby.’
    • ‘Bombardment by heavy trench mortar had been added.’
    • ‘With such trenches stretching from the North Sea to Switzerland, a stalemate existed and to break it various new weapons were introduced, including hand-grenades, poison gas, trench mortars, and artillery barrages.’
    • ‘Initially, the Japanese troops lived in tents, but to defend against trench mortars, two containers were stacked.’
    • ‘The sounds of fighting never abated; even the infrequent spells of calm were interrupted by the occasional bored firing of a rifle or a trench mortar or an Army machine gun.’
    • ‘In 1674 he gave his name to a trench mortar, to be used at closer range than previous models.’
    • ‘For example, his five divisions had only 118 guns each - a third of the standard number; there was an almost total lack of howitzers, trench mortars, grenades and high explosive ammunition.’
    • ‘We captured a trench mortar, a machine gun and some material.’