Definition of tremulously in English:



  • See tremulous

    • ‘Her increasing tendresse for the handsomest young officer leads to some regulation song and dance numbers, crooning, scurrying in formation around and about the countryside and melting tremulously into each other's arms.’
    • ‘We watched local farmers slowly make their way through rice terraces, and a baby goat - umbilical cord still attached - bleat for its mother while tremulously attempting to walk.’
    • ‘Small butterflies tremble in the intricately plaited hair of the women, and a beaten trembling man tremulously offers a bundle of delicate paper to a gamine seller of paper butterflies.’
    • ‘The adults are smiling - bravely, tremulously - towards the camera; the child is looking the other way.’
    • ‘‘His race,’ Nichols wrote tremulously this spring, ‘is being read as a measure of the potency of progressive politics in America.’’