Definition of trellis in English:



  • A framework of light wooden or metal bars used as a support for fruit trees or creepers, typically fastened against a wall.

    • ‘Outside, the back yard has been painted blue and features trellising, plants and flowers.’
    • ‘Modern facade greening, however, favors the use of climbers supported by steel cables or trellis, holding the plants away from the building surface.’
    • ‘Grow climbing plants such as pole beans and cucumbers on trellising at the back of the bed.’
    • ‘A striking feature of the garden is the large willow screens which have been mounted on two walls and will act as trellis for the climbing plants.’
    • ‘Create privacy screens by planting fast-growing annual vines up trellises around your patio.’
    • ‘Environments are the fertilizer, trellis, and sunlight: variation in the seeds that we supply is insignificant.’
    • ‘Hidden behind trellises that enclose the outdoor growing area are lush green cabbages, green beans, exotic lettuces, peppers, tomatoes, spinach and a number of herbs, mostly in containers.’
    • ‘A stake, trellis, or cage keeps fruits and foliage off the soil and allows air to circulate around the plants, reducing the likelihood of foliage blights.’
    • ‘Climbing roses need support in the form of an arbor, trellis, fence or wall.’
    • ‘Once this stage is reached, there is no turning back and the clematis quickly covers trellis and wall, pulling itself into shrubs and trees along its way.’
    • ‘If trellising just isn't in the picture for your garden, I would recommend growing a semi-leafless pea variety like Novella II.’
    • ‘Three raised-bed gardens are built for each participant, complete with soil, trellis, seeds, fertilizer, and instructions.’
    • ‘It would benefit from the addition of some trees, hedging or trellising in order to create more privacy.’
    • ‘‘Decorate concrete walls with trellising and a few climbing plants,’ said Gallagher.’
    • ‘The simplest method of using the mesh is for straight fencing and trellising to support tomatoes, beans and other vining plants, such as cucumbers and even melons.’
    • ‘The best idea is to support vines or taller plants on a wire, pole or trellis so that you can move the plant or transfer it into a bigger pot when necessary.’
    • ‘Specially created foliage, flowers and trellising will recreate a classic English country garden with added sound effects such as church bells, buzzing bees and bird song.’
    • ‘I pick a hefty amount of Malabar spinach, which vines up trellises throughout the gardens.’
    • ‘The back garden measures 38 feet by 18 feet and again is mainly in lawn with flowerbeds and trellising.’
    • ‘This area is partially enclosed by more trellis with honeysuckle and climbing roses growing up it.’
    lattice, framework, open framework, espalier
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[WITH OBJECT]usually as adjective trellised
  • 1Provide with or enclose in a trellis.

    ‘a trellised archway’
    • ‘Roses trailed across trellised arcades, the trellis in the courtyard inspiring Morris's earliest wallpaper design.’
    • ‘A trellised barricade was constructed some distance from the front of the poop, which effectually prevented any communication between the single women and the crew or male passengers.’
    • ‘They bought the property nine years ago so they'd have more room for their own garden, which includes a fruit orchard, a maze made of trellised raspberry bushes, and enough vegetables to supply a small army.’
    • ‘Cottages sit in gardens dripping with trellised roses beside shores lapped by frothy waves.’
    • ‘In the summer and fall, they run a popular fruit stand, housed in an old converted picker's cabin with picnic tables, trellised apple trees, and a breath-taking view of Mt. Hood.’
    • ‘The salad garden grows colorful lettuce, basil, tarragon and trellised peas.’
    • ‘A glazed wall on the south heats the interior in the winter, while trellised sun shades keep it cool in the summer.’
    • ‘A trellised gateway rises from low garden walls and is partly covered by wisteria and clematis.’
    • ‘Ben, Olivia and the registrar were standing beneath a trellised archway, white climbing roses twisting around its wooden frame, while the rest of the guests stood to the rear, sipping champagne and watching the proceedings.’
    • ‘Miss Rodman stuck her head around the trellised entrance.’
    • ‘A whimsical high arched pavilion with a trellised canopy rises on spindle columns, which are fine twisted supports, from a fragile stepped garden bridge with a pierced fretwork balustrade echoing that of the head of the bed.’
    • ‘Where space is at a premium, I'd recommend growing roses vertically, climbing or rambling varieties planted to run riot up a wall or up a free-standing trellised arch, leaving the pots and beds for other plants.’
    • ‘Its Spanish colonial architecture consists of arched facades, muted plaster exteriors and trellised courtyards.’
    • ‘A some clusters of ripe black grapes hanging from a trellised vine.’
    • ‘The project includes elements of courtyards from various regions of the country, such as wells, trellised vines, stonewalls, and flowerbeds, forming a generalised image of a Bulgarian courtyard.’
    • ‘Two have elegant trellised porches and verandas in the fashionable Regency style.’
    • ‘One of the most remarkable examples of realism in classical art must be the mosaic of the Labours of the Fields from Cherchel in Algeria, with men hoeing between trellised vines.’
    • ‘The mixture of Provencal and Normandine exterior was punctuated with trellised ivy.’
    • ‘A porch extended from the kitchen to a trellised walk dripping wisteria in the spring.’
    • ‘The most common arch form is constructed of steel uprights supported in concrete-filled oil drums, with a trellised head spanning the road.’
    1. 1.1 Support (a climbing plant) with a trellis.
      • ‘Organic managers adhere to the same basic principles when it comes to selecting a site for a new orchard, choosing rootstocks, pruning, and staking or trellising trees.’
      • ‘And if you grow them, I recommend that you trellis them.’
      • ‘In my travels to gardens and farms around the world, I've seen a variety of inventive ways to trellis tomato plants.’
      • ‘Summer and autumn raspberries are trellised between rhubarb, which is forced in terracotta pots to promote sweetness.’
      • ‘Choose pole beans over bush beans, and trellis them along the back of a container.’


Late Middle English (denoting any latticed screen): from Old French trelis, from Latin trilix ‘three-ply’, from tri- ‘three’ + licium ‘warp thread’. Current senses date from the early 16th century.