Definition of trek net in English:

trek net


South African
  • A large fishing net, weighted at one end and fitted with floats on the other so that it hangs vertically in the water, usually dropped from a boat and hauled in from the shore.

    • ‘At four years old, he was helping to pull in trek nets.’
    • ‘Whitewashed cottages with dark roofs and long crescents of gently sloping beaches are the order of the day, where local fishermen still use trek nets to pull thousands of haarders onto the beach to be sold at the local market.’
    • ‘This catch is indeed excellent news for shore anglers targeting White Steenbras, as they will now be able to fish for these fine fish using prawn and bloodworm from Macassar, Harmony Park, Gordon's Bay and Kogelbaai - that is if these Steenbras are not caught in the deadly trek nets.’
    • ‘These decreased populations are particularly evident by the lack of sharks that are being caught in the trek nets as by catch.’
    • ‘Of course the professional fishermen take out their trek nets and pull in tons of fish to sell as bait fish to fishermen.’