Definition of trehalose in English:


Pronunciation /trɪˈhɑːləʊs//ˈtriːhələʊs//trɪˈhɑːləʊz/


mass nounChemistry
  • A sugar of the disaccharide class produced by some fungi, yeasts, and similar organisms.

    • ‘Remarkably, this ability appears to stem from a small number of common mechanisms involving accumulation of two disaccharides, trehalose and sucrose.’
    • ‘Among them, the most effective in preserving a more native-like structure are the disaccharides sucrose and trehalose in dry films and the polymer dextran in wet films.’
    • ‘We have recently shown that films made from a mixture of trehalose and sucrose are stable and transparent, and that proteins retain their structure when incorporated in them.’
    • ‘Recent studies have demonstrated a stabilizing effect on various membranes by trehalose, raffinose, sucrose as well as fructo- and gluco-oligosaccharides.’
    • ‘Over the past three decades we and others have established that disaccharides such as trehalose and sucrose are almost certainly involved in stabilizing the dry cells.’


Mid 19th century: from trehala (from Turkish, denoting a sweet substance derived from insect cocoons) + -ose.