Definition of treecreeper in English:



  • A small songbird with drab plumage and a downcurved bill, which creeps about on the trunks of trees to search for insects.

    a Eurasian and North American bird (Certhia, family Certhiidae, in particular the common C. familiaris).

    an Australasian bird (family Climacteridae and genus Climacteris).

    Compare with creeper (sense 2)
    • ‘Other victims have included young treecreepers and house sparrows.’
    • ‘Food bars or fat hung up or rubbed into the bark of trees is a great help for treecreepers, goldcrests and many other species.’
    • ‘For every obvious crossbill, razorbill, greenfinch, woodpecker, warbler, treecreeper, swift or flycatcher there is a mysterious wigeon, garganey, gadwall, bittern, siskin, pipit, shrike or twite.’
    • ‘The birdwatcher tipped me off about the treecreepers on the edge of the wood, but I forgot to look when I got there because the view was so eye-catching.’
    • ‘At one time treecreepers appeared regularly in our garden, often in company with mixed parties of roving tits and goldcrests.’