Definition of tree snake in English:

tree snake


  • A harmless arboreal snake, typically very slender and able to mimic a twig.

    Several genera in the family Colubridae, e.g. Dendrelaphis and Ahaetulla (of Asia), and Leptophis and Oxybelis (of America)

    • ‘And to honey badgers, cobras and large-eyed tree snakes called boomslangs, the nest is a dependable larder.’
    • ‘It's as though the hood present on some cobras were extended along the entire length of the paradise tree snake's body.’
    • ‘It seemed to move and sway almost of its own free will, like a tree snake dangling from a branch.’
    • ‘Brown tree snakes are mildly venomous and nocturnal.’
    • ‘A green wine snake that was caught & a bronze tree snake that just escaped swiftly had the crowd excited for some time.’