Definition of tree shrew in English:

tree shrew


  • A small squirrel-like insectivorous mammal with a pointed snout, native to SE Asia, especially Borneo.

    Family Tupaiidae and order Scandentia: several genera, in particular Tupaia; tree shrews were formerly placed with either the insectivores or the primates

    • ‘In the first scene a small bird rests peacefully in a tree with its back toward the next scene, evidently unaware of the small tree shrew perched beside a water jar below.’
    • ‘The mammals the researchers studied were the platypus, echidna, opossum, wallaby, hedgehog, mouse, rat, rabbit, cow, pig, bat, tree shrew, colugo, ringtail lemur, and humans.’
    • ‘They proposed a monophyletic clade that includes primates, the tree shrew, the flying lemur, rabbit, and rodents.’
    • ‘Group III contains many of the most studied mammals, including the primates, rodents, rabbits, and a tree shrew.’
    • ‘Like elephant shrews, tree shrews have often been considered a divergent family of Insectivora.’