Definition of tree map in English:

tree map


  • A diagram representing hierarchical data in the form of nested rectangles, the area of each corresponding to its numerical value.

    ‘click on your state in the tree map to find out which cities will be most afflicted’
    • ‘After clustering the distance matrix of the pairwise correlations, we obtain a tree map in which highly correlated residues cluster together.’
    • ‘This is another interesting case study which uses tree maps to depict large amounts of site content via a simple coloured grid.’
    • ‘The diagram shows the local tree map for the hybrid protein by using the first 40 modes in the calculation.’
    • ‘Tree maps use color and space in a field to show "hot spots" and "cool spots" in your data.’
    • ‘These patterns correspond broadly to the basic level categories investigated by Tversky and Hemenway, for example through the application of spatial tree maps.’