Definition of tree mallow in English:

tree mallow


  • A tall woody-stemmed European mallow of coastal regions.

    Lavatera arborea, family Malvaceae

    • ‘I guess the key phrase here is short-lived, although tree mallows provide a lot of bang for the buck, and are easy to propagate.’
    • ‘By August everything is tangled up, as the tree mallows incline their branches through the rest.’
    • ‘We marked out a little bed across the whole width of the allotment and planted tree mallows and perennial climbing wallflowers in them - staking our claim, I suppose.’
    • ‘Now, thanks to hundreds of volunteers who helped remove tree mallow that had grown over the entrances to the puffins’ burrows, the birds are once again raising families on the island.’
    • ‘The puffins themselves assist in the establishment of tree mallow, which needs a fertile soil to establish itself.’