Definition of tree lupin in English:

tree lupin


  • A shrubby yellow-flowered Californian lupin, widely planted to reclaim sandy land.

    Lupinus arboreus, family Leguminosae

    • ‘The back beach and sand dunes are held by marram grass and, in the Nature Reserve, tree lupins have been planted for the same purpose.’
    • ‘Patches of mauve flowering grey leaved tree lupins added a splash of colour to the grassy slopes.’
    • ‘Crossed with the tree lupin and a range of annual species it has brought us the familiar hybrid garden lupin.’
    • ‘The reason that the tree lupin is spreading northwards is at least partly climate change; it is moving into areas which now have a climate similar to what has been considered its native range.’
    • ‘The track follows closely beside the concrete channel and takes you round the side of a steep hill of sandstone and pebbles covered with red tree lupins in late spring.’