Definition of tree kangaroo in English:

tree kangaroo


  • An agile tree-climbing kangaroo with a long furred tail, and fore- and hindlimbs that are of almost equal length, found in the rainforests of Queensland and New Guinea.

    Genus Dendrolagus, family Macropodidae: six species

    • ‘This means they are related to the kangaroo, and in size they are especially close to the forest wallabies and tree kangaroos of Eastern Australia.’
    • ‘Just recently, the zoo announced plans to create a 50,000-acre reserve in Papua New Guinea - an effort to protect the threatened Matschie's tree kangaroo.’
    • ‘But imagine what it's like for a tree kangaroo living in the ever-shrinking rainforests of tropical north Queensland.’
    • ‘Tree dwelling, leaf-eating species such as the tree kangaroo and the ring-tailed possum were found to be quite resilient.’
    • ‘Another highlight of the expedition was the discovery of a population of the golden-mantled tree kangaroo.’