Definition of tree heath in English:

tree heath


  • A white-flowered shrub or tree of the heather family, with woody nodules that are used to make briar pipes. It is native to southern Europe and parts of Africa.

    Erica arborea, family Ericaceae

    Also called briar
    • ‘The large myrtle, camellias, tree heaths and early flowering rhododendrons give the courtyard special character.’
    • ‘When fires ravage the forests of south-eastern France, as they too often do, tree heaths often survive.’
    • ‘This area incorporates a small section of the west of the Moya ravine where the best examples of faya trees and tree heaths in Gran Canaria can be found.’
    • ‘Among the flowering plants are lavender, tree heaths, gladioli, irises and rock roses.’
    • ‘Providing an evergreen accent are various tree heaths, bearing sprays of white flowers and fresh green foliage.’