Definition of tree-covered in English:



  • (of an area of land) covered with trees.

    ‘a steep, tree-covered slope rose up high behind the house’
    • ‘It is on 74 acres (30 hectares) of tree-covered land.’
    • ‘The apartment, perched on a hillside, overlooked one of the many islets which are dotted around this rugged tree-covered coastline.’
    • ‘At some point we made our way to a sharply ascending tree-covered bank.’
    • ‘I thought I could just make out a tree-covered ridge protruding through the thick layer of clouds.’
    • ‘Still, the couple was reluctant to leave their tree-covered three-acre lot.’
    • ‘The estate is surrounded on three sides by tree-covered hills and at the centre of it is a series of open greens used by local children.’
    • ‘Added to that is one of the most refreshing natural settings of any European city: a large lake, two rivers and tree-covered hills.’
    • ‘At an isolated crossroads stands this old inn, enfolded by high peaks and craggy tree-covered fells.’
    • ‘The steep banks of the Ohio River are largely tree-covered as they pass through Cincinnati.’
    • ‘Morning mist is still settling on the tree-covered mountains.’