Definition of Treaty claim in English:

Treaty claim


  • A Maori right or title to land ownership, based on the provisions of the Treaty of Waitangi.

    ‘they didn't trust the government to come to terms that ensured land subject to Treaty claims was not alienated’
    • ‘He reiterated the determination to settle all Treaty claims by 2010—a target Labour says is impossible.’
    • ‘According to this article, he is criticizing the government for opening the way to new Treaty claims.’
    • ‘The National Party does not see a solution in this bill whereby we will put an end to Treaty claims in aquaculture.’
    • ‘The additional effort this government is putting into settling Treaty claims is paying off.’
    • ‘Take the test, and you'll learn something about the Treaty claims.’
    • ‘We have seen it most obviously in some of the debates related to Treaty claims.’
    • ‘In terms of Treaty issues, we will see significant progress in resolving historical Treaty claims.’
    • ‘This sets up the opportunity for Maori to legitimately argue their Treaty claims.’
    • ‘My question was quite specific, about the party's proposing that there be a time limit on the lodging of Treaty claims.’
    • ‘This government is fully committed to progressing the settlement of valid historical Treaty claims.’