Definition of treatment in English:



mass noun
  • 1The manner in which someone behaves towards or deals with someone or something.

    ‘the directive required equal treatment for men and women in social security schemes’
    • ‘And here they are again, to be subjected to the same treatment from America.’
    • ‘If perceived unfair treatment can be dealt with internally, litigation is avoided which is always better for both parties.’
    • ‘Those customers get good treatment, with special deals and personal service.’
    • ‘This made it difficult if not impossible to move in any other direction than towards ever more draconian treatment of prisoners.’
    • ‘So in 1953 he ran for president of the local union on a pledge of equal pay and equal treatment.’
    • ‘Once an exception is made for the rule, others will be added for the sake of equal treatment.’
    • ‘She said something to me about leaving the village because of their cruel treatment towards women.’
    • ‘We look to see whether they are dealt the same treatment.’
    • ‘In line with international practice, Bulgaria and the US will have to agree also on equal treatment of employees.’
    • ‘When dealing with his treatment of broadsides, it must be remembered that he has strong prejudices in this area.’
    • ‘For me the ban, when implemented, will represent a step towards a more humane treatment of wild animals.’
    • ‘Without all those who demanded equal treatment of women, we would still be under the thumb of male dominance.’
    • ‘But the issue is more than just financial: it is also about equal treatment in the workplace.’
    • ‘Some of the rest of the bill deals with the treatment of passengers who are behaving badly.’
    • ‘The embarrassment of having a foreign head of state is compounded by our treatment as second-class subjects.’
    • ‘The moderator will make sure both leaders get equal treatment and equal time.’
    • ‘They were allegedly subjected to inhuman treatment by the police for several days in custody.’
    • ‘And all the while, new groups are coming out of the woodwork, demanding equal treatment by the government.’
    • ‘These were no longer demands for equal treatment but for special benefits, based on the color of their skin.’
    • ‘The latter doesn't imply justice at all: It does not advocate the equal treatment of people.’
    behaviour towards, conduct towards, action towards, usage of, use of
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    1. 1.1 The presentation or discussion of a subject.
      ‘comparison with earlier artists is useful in analysis of the treatment of women in her painting’
      • ‘This is not a book for the history specialist, who may be mildly infuriated by the shallow treatment of pet subjects.’
      • ‘The comic treatment offsets the grim subject matter and the film won a well-deserved trio of Oscars.’
      • ‘Any extended treatment of the subject of empire that does not give full weight to the fact that human beings do not want to be ruled by foreigners is worth very little.’
      • ‘One looks forward to a more detailed treatment of the subject.’
      • ‘The volume is a thorough but ultimately formulaic treatment of a subject handled in several previous books.’
      • ‘And their first individual exhibition is sure to be a hit, given their selection and treatment of subjects.’
      • ‘Indeed, the choice and treatment of subject matter is sometimes paradoxical.’
      • ‘Timaeus did not restrict his treatment to Sicily but dealt with the whole west including Carthage.’
      • ‘My treatment of the subject in my address to the jury is to be found at pages 67 to 76 of the appeal book, your Honour.’
      • ‘It was not merely that Lawrence's choice of subject and treatment was considered obscene.’
      • ‘Death and Birth are subjects that demand serious treatment and both set the tone for the album.’
      • ‘In Poussin's later treatment of the same subject at the Washington National Gallery, the Cretans have learnt more sense.’
      • ‘In this book review I will just note some points about Pennock's treatment of the subject.’
      • ‘It is an informed and aesthetically pleasing treatment of this broad subject.’
      • ‘Whatever Forster's intentions, the judges were chiefly impressed by his treatment of the subject.’
      • ‘The increasing repression faced by homosexuals is a legitimate subject for artistic treatment.’
      • ‘There is of course no treatment, discussion or consideration in the guides themselves of overlap.’
      • ‘His photographs of personalities are unique and distinctive in their treatment of the subjects.’
      • ‘In this area he led the symbolic treatment of the subject.’
      • ‘There is no doubt that the Holocaust has been nearly exhausted as a subject, but this treatment brings it alive.’
      presentation, discussion, coverage, handling, investigation, exploration, consideration, study, analysis, critique
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    2. 1.2the full treatmentinformal Used to indicate that something is done enthusiastically, vigorously, or to an extreme degree.
      ‘a bit of soft-shoe shuffle got the full treatment’
      • ‘‘That guy's going to get the full treatment,’ said the senior officer.’
      • ‘In the course of this, for the first time, the Keynesian system gets the full treatment that it deserves, raked from every important angle.’
      • ‘Kevin immediately jumped up as if to rescue Louis from the full treatment.’
      • ‘Some staff made all the ladies up - painted their nails, made sure they were nicely dressed and gave them the full treatment.’
      • ‘Jack Wall's election poster has been given the full treatment with the addition of black curls, a lovely goatee beard and the latest in designer spectacles.’
      • ‘Those countries where the public is deemed to be flaky get the full treatment.’
      • ‘‘That guy's going to get the full treatment,’ a senior officer said.’
      • ‘Fans of the show may be disappointed that this series is not being given the full treatment, but the 12 episodes included in this set are sure to please.’
      • ‘Appearances are deceptive and this maxim gets the full treatment at this point.’
      • ‘I can't wait for him to come to Scarborough to give him the full treatment.’
      • ‘Now all we need is for Meaning of Life to get the full treatment.’
      • ‘Everyone got the full treatment, with generous discourses.’
      • ‘Destination Tokyo doesn't get quite the full treatment, but we do get the 1934 musical short Gem of the Ocean starring Jeanne Aubert.’
      • ‘Of course, that didn't stop just whipping out the screw driver and giving it the full treatment…’
      • ‘Our pictured scene, which seems to be from the Malton area, shows the animals being given the full treatment.’
      • ‘Gladly, Disney made a good call with the disc, and has finally delivered the full treatment DVD enthusiasts have been hungering for.’
      • ‘I was stopped at the metal detector, then given the full treatment.’
      • ‘The common folk who could not afford the full treatment had to do with statuettes of mummies.’
      • ‘Her report is worth a good fisking, but why bother with the full treatment?’
      • ‘Slick stage management in the hands of Dave Bedding ensured the show moved at a pace and strong chorus work and pit singers meant each number was given the full treatment.’
  • 2Medical care given to a patient for an illness or injury.

    ‘I'm receiving treatment for an injured shoulder’
    count noun ‘anti-cancer treatments’
    • ‘She had four treatments initially and then has been coming for remedial massage.’
    • ‘I asked about a natural treatment at the health food store and was told to try tea tree oil.’
    • ‘Again, the use of pruning paint or wound dressing is not recommended except as a cosmetic treatment.’
    • ‘Last year, her husband nursed her through four months of treatments for cancer.’
    • ‘In effect he found that feeding via intravenous drip constitutes medical treatment, not palliative care.’
    • ‘Police have been able to speak to her, but she is still receiving medical treatment for her injuries.’
    • ‘The hospice is the only one of its kind in the city and provides medical treatment for terminal cancer patients.’
    • ‘The medical treatment for all patients remained unchanged throughout the study.’
    • ‘Now she's having isolagen, a treatment that injects the body's own cells into the lined area.’
    • ‘The treatment lasted four hours during which I experienced hallucinations and talked to people who have died.’
    • ‘At one time he underwent a revolutionary treatment which involved having mice extract pumped into his body through a drip.’
    • ‘Most cases of dandruff will respond well to home treatments and a good internal regime.’
    • ‘For Susan a single treatment was sufficient for a breakthrough in her health due to her youth.’
    • ‘An Alzheimer's charity claims new health guidelines could be denying local dementia sufferers an effective treatment.’
    • ‘Finding an appropriate treatment has created difficulty for the healthcare provider.’
    • ‘It is used as an adjunctive treatment to help stimulate the immune system and increase body defenses.’
    • ‘Now, with one of his five treatments still to go, he says he feels 90 per cent better.’
    • ‘The first aid treatment for knee injuries is the same whichever ligament is injured.’
    • ‘In Japan, the country's National Health Scheme takes total care of medical treatment for heart problems.’
    • ‘We used the records to identify the patient referral pathway from primary care to hospital treatment.’
    therapy, surgery, medical attention, medical care, care, ministrations, nursing
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    1. 2.1count noun A session of beauty or healthcare.
      ‘they now offer the latest in beauty and body treatments’
      • ‘Most people take enough time out for a haircut but next time you go to book yours, why not think about having a beauty treatment too.’
      • ‘Yeah, right, because I'm always getting a beauty treatment for my legs.’
      • ‘For the last part of the session Roselyn gave me a treatment which involved me lying down while she held certain energy centres in my body designed to heal my ailments.’
      • ‘Five runners-up will receive a beauty treatment and complimentary makeover.’
      • ‘Nine winners will be chosen who will all receive health and beauty treatments.’
      • ‘As a general rule, two to four treatments at six to eight week intervals are recommended.’
      • ‘All clubs have gyms, swimming pool and spa areas and offer aerobic classes and beauty treatments.’
      • ‘In New York, she was given a range of complementary nutrients and treatments.’
      • ‘The Regent Street salon offers a range of hair, beauty, holistic and nail treatments.’
      • ‘A series of four to six treatments is usually recommended, spaced two to four weeks apart.’
      • ‘Carl admitted to having a few pampering treatments before the wedding day.’
      • ‘Pitta and vasha, by the way, are two of the three body types which form the basis of Ayurvedic treatments.’
      • ‘There then follow various treatments with the twin aims of cosmetic appeal and hygiene.’
      • ‘If you want to get into beauty treatments, have pedicures, because all your ills go to your feet.’
      • ‘Many creams, gels and beauty treatments claim to be able to tighten the skin.’
      • ‘At the therapy centre, we treated ourselves to a traditional Malay health and beauty treatment.’
      • ‘She also said that beauty treatments work better if they are based on the moon's cycles.’
      • ‘You can spend your days however you like: soaking up the sun on deck, enjoying a beauty treatment or working out in the gym.’
      • ‘There is a gym but health treatments in the spa let you feel better without actually doing anything.’
      • ‘We only come to grief once, when I ascribe the absence of his body hair to regular wax treatments.’
  • 3The use of a chemical, physical, or biological agent to preserve or give particular properties to something.

    ‘the treatment of hazardous waste is particularly expensive’
    • ‘There are also biological treatment systems in which the biomass is attached.’
    • ‘Drink at least eight glasses each day, and preferably free of chemical treatment, such as chlorine and fluoride.’
    • ‘The demand for water treatment chemicals is influenced by a host of factors.’
    • ‘The city's sewage treatment plant has suffered three fires and the emergency holding dam will overflow after tonight.’
    • ‘Motorists have been warned to expect delays while a bridge on the M60 is given electrical and chemical treatment to extend its life.’
    • ‘A number of chemical treatment processes can be used to separate DU from contaminated soil.’
    • ‘You will need to have a residual chemical treatment carried out and you should get a professional to assess the situation.’
    • ‘It is possible to outcross if the plant is emasculated which can only be done by chemical treatment.’
    • ‘I believe most people would prefer healthy turf even though an occasional treatment of a safe herbicide must be applied.’
    • ‘Six years ago his company had been sending waste laboratory chemicals for treatment at Waste Control.’
    • ‘The most common biological treatment system that also provides storage is the anaerobic lagoon.’
    • ‘She also pointed out that, as some of the pollution came from animal wastes washed off the land, new sewage treatment plants were not the only answer.’
    • ‘After chemical treatment, the water from the flush toilet is clean enough for people to wash their hands.’
    • ‘The treatment process physically and chemically binds the CCA to the inside of the wood fibers.’
    • ‘The chemical treatment is necessary before the playing surface is improved.’
    • ‘He said he is adamant the waste from the sewage treatment plant situated on the Lea Road is not the cause of the alleged fish kills along the river.’
    • ‘Acid stains, such as red wine or fruit juices, require a different treatment to grease stains.’
    • ‘The provision of clean water and proper sewage treatment systems depends on the electrical system.’
    • ‘This would include chemical treatment, filtration and chlorination.’
    • ‘Sewage treatment and waste disposal should be taken up by local self-governments.’
    purification, refining, clarifying, clarification, cleansing, straining, sifting, filtering, filtration, rarefaction, distillation, concentration, processing, treating
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