Definition of treatise in English:



  • A written work dealing formally and systematically with a subject.

    ‘his treatise on Scottish political theory’
    • ‘He wrote several intellectual treatises that are admired even today.’
    • ‘They study magic and write treatises and quarrel, as scholars will, but none of them can cast a spell to save his life.’
    • ‘Aristotle wrote two ethical treatises: the Nicomachean Ethics and the Eudemian Ethics.’
    • ‘Hutton continued to publish textbooks, treatises and papers.’
    • ‘I want to write a treatise on democracy and the difference between what exists and what the intent of the idea was.’
    • ‘Let us first comment on the three volume work, which was the biggest treatise ever to be written on line geometry.’
    • ‘He wrote three treatises on numbers which helped to bring the Indian symbols and ideas of decimal fractions to the attention of some of the learned people in Europe.’
    • ‘In all he wrote about ten treatises on astronomy.’
    • ‘This difficult concept was in its own time the subject of many theoretical treatises, few of which agree in detail.’
    • ‘He was aware of philosophers who wrote authoritative treatises, telling their readers what to think about a number of large and important matters.’
    • ‘We have commented above on the disputes among modern scholars as to whether Aristotle wrote the treatises now assigned to him.’
    • ‘The book is composed of four separate treatises, each dealing with a particular class of numbers.’
    • ‘He developed his interest in mechanics, writing treatises on his inventions which he circulated in manuscript.’
    • ‘He is famed as the first person to write a Sanskrit treatise on the astrolabe.’
    • ‘He also wrote treatises on the Theology of Plato, On Providence, and On the Subsistence of Evil.’
    • ‘Learned scholars write massive treatises on contract changes, a testament to this general sense of ambiguity.’
    • ‘There's clearly a history and you know, for being beyond words, I have thousands of Sufi treatises written by Sufis.’
    • ‘You wrote a treatise on John Cage - how does this activity fit into those ideas?’
    • ‘He wrote several theological treatises, which appeared after his death.’
    • ‘Most of the Sutras in short enigmatic aphorisms were written as treatises to the earlier schools of philosophical thoughts.’
    disquisition, essay, paper, work, piece of writing, exposition, discourse, dissertation, thesis, monograph, study, critique
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Late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French tretis, from Old French traitier (see treat).