Definition of treat someone like dirt in English:

treat someone like dirt


  • Treat someone with a complete lack of respect.

    • ‘And the people who were supposed to be concerned about me, had both treated me like dirt.’
    • ‘And despite my having done nothing to deserve it, the last couple of years he started treating me like dirt.’
    • ‘I think I accused John of driving him away and treating him like dirt.’
    • ‘But what really strikes me about those people who have housekeepers, nannies, cleaners, gardeners and so on is how they boss them about, treat them like dirt and then complain about them.’
    • ‘I can guess how it feels when you wish you didn't have to smoke and for all your good intentions to give up, everyone treats you like dirt anyway.’
    • ‘One said: ‘She's got to get rid of him - he's got no respect for her and treats her like dirt.’’
    • ‘In human terms, they may be the salt of the earth, but the corporate-driven system commonly treats them like dirt.’
    • ‘We have to be back in our rooms by nine p.m., the food is awful and the warden treats us like dirt.’
    • ‘Is it right that you can improve your lifestyle by ripping someone off and treating them like dirt?’
    • ‘People below you are treated like dirt and the people above you, you grovel to.’