Definition of treaded in English:



  • (of a tyre or shoe) having a tread.

    ‘treaded or smooth tyres’
    ‘wear suitable boots with a treaded sole’
    • ‘The boot has a soft, treaded outsole for traction.’
    • ‘With a molded heel cushion and treaded heel, you have a shoe that is comfortable to walk around in.’
    • ‘The heavily treaded sole has a replaceable heel and forefoot, so a worn sole doesn't mean binning a three hundred quid pair of shoes.’
    • ‘Most cars were rudimentary, lacking turn signals, brake lights, and treaded tyres.’
    • ‘Avoid a smooth sole and opt for a heavy treaded shoe with a flat bottom.’
    • ‘A treaded black tape now runs along the curbs because people didn't notice them and were stumbling.’
    • ‘They are formed from a moulded waterproof plastic foot section, with a resilient, heavily treaded non-slip sole.’
    • ‘From somewhere he obtained a small truck, with a big back compartment and six heavily treaded tyres.’
    • ‘The teams are given five sets of dry weather slick tyres, and two sets of wet weather treaded tyres per weekend.’
    • ‘She believes that a treaded pattern, ultimately, will deliver the best overall performance in wet conditions.’